Selfless Service Saturday

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Every person, unique as a snowflake, practices yoga in her own way.  Yogic tradition circles six actions that create a mandala of inspiration.

Bhakti, or devotion, comes in many forms, including selfless service for humanity.  Tending a garden, soothing a tearful child or teaching a yoga class to help people come to greater health and awareness are all Bhakti practices.

Yogini Yoga Oasis for Mind and Body

Once a week, Yogini Yoga opens her studio to the community.  For one hour, anyone may come to experience yoga asana and, perhaps, begin to move on a path towards healing and health.  I guarantee you, practicing yoga in the grass between the palm trees creates happiness.  And that happiness spreads outwards, covering the neighborhood in positive energy.

With an eye towards ensuring each student has a positive experience, Yogini Louise has created an enchanting environment with high, health standards.  She brings her deep, anatomy training to her teaching.  She carefully orchestrates classes to introduce each pose in a way any person can access.

Yet, despite all the meticulous precision, her smile and joy of sharing her yoga is what you will remember at the end of class.


Yogini Louise is listed as a RYT-200 with Yoga Alliance, but she is trained and certified in several schools.

500 Hours – Bhakti, India

200 Hours – Pre & Post Natal, Australia

200 Hours – Purna, Iyengar-based, Australia

200 Hours – Yin Yang, UK

Most recently Donna Fahri accepted Louise into the 2015 class in New Zealand.

Saturdays at 3pm, Yogini Yoga offers a free, mixed, yoga class for the community.  Now that the summer heat has started, the class has moved indoors and is limited to twelve people.  Please sign up in advance to avoid disappointment.

This Saturday, June 1st, I will be substituting while Louise travels.

The studio is located in Barbar in the northern end of the island in the compound without a name.  But that does not matter, the flowers at the gate will greet you.

map to yogini yoga in barbar

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