Eva the Dragon by Loredana Mantello web

My name is Eva and, like you, I am a Cosmic Grape.

I am also a yogini – a woman who actively seeks to link the mind and the body with spirit.  Spirit is more about the heart than the intellect and requires a continual circle of practice and reflection.

The Divine clearly speaks many languages. The underlying message to Love and be Compassionate is expressed in multiple, perennial ways. I believe this is so the Creator’s diverse creations can hear the message in the language, symbolism or practice they will understand.

We are each on our own path.

Born under an October moon, whether described as a Scorpio, a Dragon or a Snake, all prophesied I would be a seeker of mystic truths.

Drawn to mysticism and meditation, the Divine Feminine’s presence was made obvious when Quan Yin, the Goddess of Compassion, came through our garden gate. Led to shamans from the far edges of Asia, I learned practices to heal my relationships with my family, relatives, ancestors, friends, all sentient beings and the Earth.

As my prayers moved deeper into my body, I yearned to follow their echo. Reading the 196 Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, an ancient guide to the inner cosmos, I realized a way had been found.

When one understands the relationship between the mind and the Self,

the colorations of the mind no longer cause difficulties.

Then the whole mind may flow unimpeded towards the complete freedom of the Self.

The Yoga Sutras 4.25-4.26

Today, I am back to Genesis, living in the Sumerian goddess, Ninhursag’s ancient Paradise.  I continue my quest to dissolve the veil of Maya and to experience the Divine Shakti in every aspect of her existence.  I share my experiences with the intention that you too find joy, peace and freedom.

Peace Be With You,

Salam a’lay kum,

O ka Maluhia no me oe,

Aum, shanti, shanti, shanti.


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    • Hello, Women’s Work cards are designed by Mary Lynne Sheetz. You will have to Google them. I wrote this post nearly 10 years ago so I am not surprised the link no longer works. Sorry I cannot help you more.

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