About Eva

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At the Red Sea, Gouna, Egypt

Eva, M.A. in Yoga Studies, RYT-500, Writer, Yogini, and Mom.

I am a writer and blog about Modern Yoga as a life-affirming path that reveals the silver webs binding the body, the heart, and Nature.

My Vinyasa Krama yoga classes are aligned with the elements of earth, water and fire and infused by the teachings of Srivatsa Ramaswami and Gururāṇi Añjali. Pranayama and meditation are the foundations for my class Yoga for the Vata Mind. To further prepare the body for the transformative energies Yoga activates, I offer The Yoga of Food to help my students align their inner, micro-verse with their yoga practice.

Having begun my Sanskrit studies at Loyola Marymount University, I continue to engage Indian texts particularly Patañjali’s Yoga Sutras, the Bhagavad Gītā, Hatha Yoga texts and works from the Kashmir Shaivism (Tantra) tradition. I am particularly interested in uncovering texts such as Vasiṣṭha’s Yoga and Mirra Alfassa’s works which are about and for women practicing yoga and sharing the teachings of Dr. Chris Chapple.

The Divine Mother’s presence was awakened in me during my graduate studies at the Immaculate Heart College Center in Los Angeles. Within theological ethics, we created a new designation christening women who are moved into action by their love of the Divine, Spiritual Feminists, a description that includes women of any religion. My insights flow from that ethic and onto the written page where I uncover Her beauty on all continents and in all cultures at www.dragonsrabbitsandroosters.com.

My next book will expand on my Yoga Studies research and explore the intersection between Sri Aurobindo’s and Mirra Alfassa’s Integral Yoga, classical Sāṃkhya and the new, fascinating science on the human biome.

I can be emailed at cosmicgrape@gmail(dot)com.

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