Mary Magdalene, The Blood Moon and the Underworld


The third of this lunar tetrad brings Mary Magdalene into our planetary consciousness.  The most beloved of Christ’s disciples, Mary Magdalene embodied the essence of the Blood Moon.

In the earliest churches and per the Catholic Church, Mary Magdalene was not a reformed prostitute. Rather she was a woman of high standing who was likely the foremost supporter of Christ’s ministry.  The Eastern Orthodox community tells an interesting Mary Magdalene story.

After the resurrection, Mary Magdalene traveled to Tiberius Caesar’s court to complain about how poorly Pontius Pilate administered justice at Jesus’ trial. She informed the court that Jesus had risen from the dead.

Caesar responded, “A human being could no more rise from the dead than the egg in your hand can turn red.”

The egg immediately turned red.

This is why the Byzantine East exchanges red eggs during Easter.

Or is it?

In the even more ancient world, women’s monthly blood demonstrated their sacred relationship with the Divine Mother, the Creator/Destroyer of Life.  In nearly all species, the females hold the eggs, the source of life, in our bodies.  The feminine has always been associated with the moon, its monthly resurrection and blood.  In the first written history, the Sumerian cuneiform laid out the story about the Goddess Inanna who was the Queen of the Heavens and First Daughter of the Moon.

Long before Jesus released Mary Magdalene from the seven demons, Goddess Inanna descended into the Underworld where her older sister, Goddess Ereshkigal ruled.  To reach her sister, Inanna passed through seven gates.

To prepare for the epic journey, Inanna put on seven royal articles including her gold crown and lapis lazuli beads.  At each gate, the demon guard required her to sacrifice one article.  She was naked when she reached her sister’s throne.  Ereshkigal’s judges deemed her “Guilty” and sentenced her to death. Ereshkigal fastened her Evil Eye on Inanna and killed her instantly.  Her corpse was hung on a hook to rot.

After three days, Inanna’s devoted assistant went to three Gods begging them to rescue Inanna. It was on the third attempt that Enki, Inanna’s father and the God of Wisdom, agreed to help. He sent two creatures he created from the dirt under his fingernails to beg Goddess Ereshkigal for the dead body. One carried the Water of Life and the other carried the Food of Life. The creatures shared Ereshkigal’s birthing pains and moaned in unison. Ereshkigal, impressed by their compassion, offered them a reward. They requested Inanna’s corpse.

Sprinkling her lifeless body with the Water and Food of Life, Inanna was resurrected. She became the first of all the Gods and Goddesses to return to the Land of the Living from the Land of the Dead.

The tetrad lunar eclipses are a sign.  Initiated by the Blood Moon, the Divine Feminine is reemerging.

As Mary Magdalene said to Caesar, “The Christ has risen.”

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