Yoga – The Big Picture

Adi Shakti creating the universe

This is traditional yoga.

– Chapter 1, Verse 1 Yoga Sutras.

The Himalayan sages say yoga is based on traditions from earlier, spiritually advanced teachings which our present civilizations have forgotten.  These yogis believe the current world cycle began roughly ten thousand years ago when the last ice-age ended.

Yoga wisdom has come from a myriad of sages throughout the centuries.  But it was Patanjali, a yogi and polymath, who collated and elaborated on yogis’ practices in The Yoga Sutras.  Patanjali came from India and lived about 150 BCE.

Yogi is not a religion.  Rather, it is universal Sarvabhauma – Truth.  The Truth can be found by anyone who embarks on a scientific, inward journey.  The Universe, Adi Shakti, did not create Life with the hope that the majority would fail.  Yoga is the rule book for the game of Life.

With this truth bearing light will begin a new life.  Old unwanted impressions are discarded and we are protected from the damaging effects of new experiences.

– Yoga Sutras, Chapter 1 Verse 50

Yoga comes from Sanskrit.  Patanjali’s use came from the root yuja meaning samadhana or mental peace.  Nirodha is our natural state, a peaceful state.  We cannot force the mind into peace; rather, we free ourselves from the feeling that we are our own self.  We free ourselves from the activities which cause us pain.

Yoga is therefore also the freedom of the mind, by the mind, for the mind, and from the mind itself…Then there is no master, no servant.  There is only freedom, absolute and permanent.

– Srivatsa Ramaswami, Yoga for the Three Stages of Life

Yoga is a process of consciously unlayering all the misunderstandings and memories that get in the way of us experiencing our true nature.  Yoga frees us from life’s dualities.


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