Creating A Vacation Practice

view channel islands from san marcos pass near white lotus santa barbara ca

Mentally, June is my year-end.

By June 30th, school is out and summer vacation beckons.  Eighteen-hour plane rides, LA traffic, and late night BBQs overturn my normal schedule, but summer does not mean I quit my yoga.  Instead, I pack a one-hour practice into my suitcase.  A full body, work-out, I can easily unroll it any place I stay.

During June, I will teach a fundamental yoga class that will keep your ass-an-a’ll the rest in shape no matter where your plane lands.

Total Flow yoga Tracey Rich and Ganga White original

The class is based upon what I learned from the renowned yogis, Ganga White and Tracey Rich of White Lotus.

June 4th will be the first class.  Ujjayi breathing and the correct alignment for fifteen poses (asanas) will be introduced.

June 11th – We will build upon our foundation to create a flowing vinyasa that will make your mom proud.

June 18th – If everyone has been doing their home-practice, then five, booty-building, asanas will be added.

June 25th – The entire flow will be reviewed.  You can practice it over the summer.

The beauty of a consistent, vinyasa practice is, not only will you build strength, you might experience the joy of an integrated body, mind and spirit.

Remember, Rome was not built in a month, and the Italians love their summer vacations.  You do not have to create a whole new you over the summer, but you can mindfully maintain what you have already got.


Mixed class.  Tuesday nights, 7:30-8:30pm, at World Beat Fitness.  I have to pick up my daughter after class so there be no lingering.

Appropriate for beginners, as well as, those of you who have some experience.  If you confuse your upward with your downward facing dog, or your chatter with a ranga, it is a good opportunity for detailed instruction.

Call ahead to book your spot.  Ensure you benefit from the entire series and confirm for the month.


World Beat Fitness is located in Janibiyah, on the northern side of the island, near Sheik Mohammed’s Camel Farm.  Please call World Beat at 17 61 2576 and book with Michelle.

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