The Yoga of Our Micro-verse

universe nasa

Our body is a tiny replication of the entire universe.

The Universe is made up of 100s of billions of stars and planets which are organized into a number of galaxies so infinite the human mind really cannot grasp it. They swirl in an ever-evolving dance of creativity.

Our body is made up of 70,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 atoms (each a tiny universe), a nearly infinite number of atoms which self-organize into systems. These atoms have plenty of space to dance in a pattern, like a country square dance, which twirls, expands and contracts around a center. Yet, only 4% of the entire Universe, including us, is made up of atoms. If the space between our atoms was taken out, our entire body would fit into a square .002x.002 cm.

98% of the Universe is invisible. We know it’s there because we see its most exterior walls, but like our bodies, our eyes cannot detect its secret interiors. Yet, without our conscious directive, and out of sight and mind, our 10 trillion human cells self-organize into different organs and systems which continually inter-play with each other and create our body universe.

However, we are not alone.

NASA the Universe Born

Our bodies, both internally and externally, are the home to over 100 trillion bacteria cells which create colonies, cities that generate electricity and which symbiotically interact and trade information with our human cells. In fact, our body universe houses ten times more non-human entities than human, making our human biome as diverse as the Earth.

Just as astronomers keep discovering more and more amazing facts about the Universe, molecular scientists keep discovering more and more how our body is a rather cosmic creation.

This is what the yogis have been telling us for millennium.

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