Eva’s Ashta-yengar

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Ashtanga yogini, Nathalie will be traveling and asked me to substitute for her class.  To prepare, we created a little yogic magic.

For one week only ashta yengar with Eva v2

I will demonstrate at my ability and introduce modifications for anyone who needs them.

As I told Nathalie, “We can call the class Eva’s Ashta-yengar method.”


World Beat Fitness is located in Janibiyah, on the northern side of the island, near Sheik Mohammed’s Camel Farm. The Saturday ashtanga class starts at 4:30 and lasts for 90 minutes.  Please call World Beat at 17 61 2576 to book your spot.


Jois taught six, fixed series of asanas.  Most ashtanga classes are the Primary Series which begins with two types of sun salutations, each done five times.  After warming up the body, the students continue through fifty asanas ending with the corpse pose which counts as fifty-one.   The Primary Series can take YEARS to master with the right mixture of strength and grace.

I have learned a lot from ashtanga-diva, Kino MacGregor, the Miami Life Center founder.  She has hundreds of videos breaking down the asanas into small, manageable steps.  She also explains how to build strength in order to safely work towards a smooth, flowing Primary Series.

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