Water, The Dark Energy

moon crossing in front of the sun nasa   v2

According to yogis, Shakti is the dark, primordial energy from which all life springs. Space is nearly 70% dark energy.  Funny enough, NASA calls dark energy a “dynamic energy fluid or field”.

Shiva is the spark that ignites creation.  Within the Universe’s dark energy, the stars, or the suns, create bright flashes of Shivic light.

Earth Blue Marble by NASA Globe East 2048

“When you drink the water, remember the stream from which it came.”

– Chinese proverb, from The Secret Power of Yoga.

Our cosmic Mother, the Earth, echoes the Universe’s structure.  The Earth’s surface is about 70% dark energy, that is, water.   Water is considered feminine.  It holds the dark, creative aspects and the deep wells of knowing.

According to scientists, life on Earth initially developed in water.  Just like all life forms, at conception when we spring into being, ignited by the flash of male energy, our bodies are 100% water.  By the time we are adults, our bodies are about 70% water, the same percentage as the amount of water on the Earth.

Earth’s waters are pulled by the cyclical pull of the Moon’s cycle.   Our watery bodies are also affected by the moon.

As we age, moving into the years when our own active, creativity has diminished, our bodies equalize.  As our energy diminishes, we become half water and half other materials.  And it is when our bodies are balanced between the dual aspects, we really begin to contemplate our true nature.

Practicing yoga, we become aware of life’s moving, flowing energy.  Yoga helps dissolve the imagined individuality that our thin skin creates.  Through asana, breath and meditation, we learn how to still our minds despite the Universe’s uncontrollable, gravitational forces which will always exist and pull us in different directions.  Instead, we learn to consciously tap into the feminine, dark energy and avoid losing our Shakti.

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