Reiki is universal energy light held in hand by Eva the Dragon 2012

Reiki is Universal Energy.

The practitioner receives an attunement from a master that allows opens her body and hands up to the healing power of the Universe.  The practitioner’s hands guide her to focus the energy where healing is needed.  This can be done in person or “by distance” as energy is not limited by time nor space.  The healing takes place on the spiritual/emotional level as well as the physical.

Throughout time, healers have figured out ways to harness Universal energy or, after a diligent apprenticeship, a teacher passed healing gifts down to the student.  Rei-ki shares Qigong’s roots in ancient Taoism and Japanese Buddhism and Shintoism, but the energy is transferred from the teacher to the student by a relatively easy initiation (Reiju) versus long years of practice.

Jesus the Christ was known for his ability to perform healing miracles with his hands.

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2 responses to “REIKI

  1. hello I found the image above (hand holding the sun) and would like to use it on my website, Healing Light Doula. I’m trying to find whomever took the photo to give them credit on my site, or if they want payment for teh use of the image to take it off as I’m a new Doula and haven’t the income to purchase pricey, yet beautiful pictures. I assume you know as your site was the one linked to the image 🙂 would you please direct me to the right person?

    • Dear Amanda,

      Thank you for you kind consideration.

      This is my photo of my hand. You can use it because Reiki is the Universal energy. It does not belong to me.

      You can refer to it something like Used with Permission from Eva the Dragon with a link to

      Good luck with your practice,
      May all the world be healed, and the babies and the mothers feel Love under your care,

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