For the Improvement of Body and Mind, Usui Reiki Healing Method

Mikao Usui traditional photo from Wikipedia

Throughout human existence, stories have been told of people who radiated so much Love, the touch of their hand restored health to the recipient.  In Japan there was such a healer, his name was Mikao Usui (1864-1926).

A family-man who experienced life’s challenges, Mikao Usui became disillusioned with modern life.  He took refuge in a Zen monastery to seek enlightenment. 

After three years of meditation, he did not experience what he searched for.  His spiritual master told him the only way he reach his goal was to literally experience death.  Mikao Usui journeyed to one of Japan’s most important spiritual sites, Mount Kurama.  He found a spot where he could fast to death.

Japanese make pilgrimages to Mount Kurama because there the Living Soul of the Universal energy (Sonten) can be felt.  Hundreds of sacred shrines and temples cover the mountain.

Kurama’s sacred history began six million years ago.  The first deity to land on Kurama was Goho Mao-son.  It was said that he traveled from Venus.  His called the Spirit of the Earth and the Great King of the Conquerors of Evil.  The first temple was built on Mount Kurama in 770AD.  Twenty-six years later, the temple’s chief officer received a vision of the thousand-armed, Senju Kannon (aka Quan Yin) the Goddess of Compassion and Mercy.  It is said Goho Mao-son, Senju Kannon and warrior Bishamon-ten’s spiritual energies help form Mount Kurama’s trinity of love, light and power.

On his twenty-first day on the mountain, Mikao Usui received a santori, or mystical awakening.  He described it as a powerful shock, as if his forehead was struck by lightning.  Regaining consciousness, he discovered he was filled with cosmic energy and his touch healed the body.  After experimenting with himself and his family, he wanted to make Reiki available to the world at large. 

According to his memorial stone at the Saihoji Temple in Tokyo, he understood the dynamics of Reiki.  In 1922, he opened a clinic in Harajuku Aoyama.  Tokyo’s 1923 earthquake brought him fame as he spent months healing the injured.  It also became clear he needed to teach others how to transmit Reiki.  Before his death in 1926, he became known as Sensei Usui (Revered Teacher) for teaching 2,000 people his Reiki Ryoho method and for initiating teachers.

His Five Principles for Happiness are “the miraculous medicine for all illnesses.”   The Gokai are simpler and shorter than AA’s Twelve Steps.

Just for Today

Do not be angry

Do not be worried

Be grateful

Do your duties fully

Be Kind to Others

On his deathbed in 1926, Sensei Mikao Usui named Sensei Juzaburo Ushidi (1865-1935) President of the Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai.


Dai-Shihan and Jikiden Reiki Institute’s Vice-Representative, Frank Arjava Petter originally learned Reiki in 1992 in Germany.  After he moved to live and work in Japan, he began researching the origins of Reiki.  Arjava Petter speaks German, Japanese and English, teaches Reiki worldwide, and has authored several books on Reiki and healing.

Reiki Fire by Frank Arjava PetterReiki Fire(1997) was his break-through book.  He wrote about the origins of Reiki and a short biography on Mikao Usui.  His original research helped to clarify several inaccuracies circulating about Usui’s life.  Reiki Fire includes the first, English translation of Usui’s memorial at Saihoji, Buddhist Temple in Tokyo.  In 2012, he published This is Reiki Transformation of Body, Mind and Soul From the Origins to the Practice which includes new facts based on recent research.

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