Signs and Reminders

Signs and REminders 3

Today, at the stop light, I drove up behind this car.  Instantly, I noticed the positive affirmation.  From my point of view, it was a Divine sign.

I love believing that all around us are Divine signs.  The trick is to notice them.

It is not that I rely on interpreting a bird’s flight or analyzing coffee grounds to make a decision.  If I have a major decision or a problem, I spend time researching the issue and weighing the consequences.  Then I let it go and wait to see how my heart feels with the direction I am taking.

Some may say it is foolish to believe in signs.  In my experience, most Divine intervention have nothing to do with finding a new job or love, deciding whether to move or stay put, or mapping out our future.  The signs I see remind me to notice beauty, to enjoy the moment or to be grateful.  In other words, be present.

Thank you, unknown woman, for putting out this positive affirmation.

2 responses to “Signs and Reminders

  1. I also believe there are messages in all things around us.. everything is energy and presents to us and opportunity to awaken!

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