How Do We Know Love Exists?

sketchnotes natalie batalha on exoplanets and love

How do we know LOVE exists?  Similar to Justice Stewart’s famous 1964 definition of pornography “I know it when I see it,” we know love when we feel it.  In my being, I know LOVE is the creative core of the Universe, but where is it?  Will we ever be able to see it?

Nasa 200370main_rs_image_feature_827 NASA Dark Matter

Talking about dark matter, astronomer Natalie Batalha said,

Ninety-five percent of the mass of the Universe is something we cannot see, yet it moves us.  It draws us.  It permeates us.  It CREATES galaxies.  We’re moving on a current of this gravitational field created by mostly stuff that we can’t see.

And the analogy with Love just struck me.

That it is this thing that we can’t see, that we don’t understand. Yet, it’s everywhere and it moves us.

When I heard that, my soul shouted YES.  Dark Matter is Love.

Yogis say the truth is right there in front of us.  The more obvious, the simpler, the closer it is to being true.

The intersection between Science and Spirituality holds great interest for me.  However, as I am not a scientist, I need the scientist to speak to me in a language I can understand.

natalie batalha

Natalie Batalha, a NASA Ames astronomer who works on the Kepler Mission, is a scientist I can understand.  Her interview with Krista Tippett called On Exoplanets and Love blew me away.  It aired on Valentine’s Day as a message of great hope.  I highly suggest you listen to it.

Krista Tippett said of Natalie Batalha,

“I’ve never met anyone who speaks more intriguingly than Natalie Batalha about the connection between science, love, and gratitude for life.  She is a luminous voice for the way exploring the heavens and is bringing the beauty of the cosmos and the exuberance of scientific discovery closer home to us all.”

Krista Tippett is a luminous voice herself among all the divisive voices in the media today.  She is featured prominently on Cosmic Grape because she converses with care and depth and engages the most innovative, the most intellectual, the most articulate, and the leaders of spiritual communities across the globe.  On Being has developed from a podcast to a fully integrated platform to listen, read, explore and converse on the topics addressed.

If you want something to stimulate your mind and spirit, or encourage your children to study science, or get you up to date on where science is today, this should be your first stop.

2 responses to “How Do We Know Love Exists?

    • I haven’t listened to that one yet.

      It is the most wonderful way to spend an hour. Every show I am inspired and learn something fantastic.

      Krista Tippett is my idol. The whole staff and what they put together is wonderful. And it keeps getting better. I guess the producer should also be getting credit too. I can’t believe she doesn’t have millions of followers.

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