Lessons from a Stone

Contemplative Stone by Launa MB Karasuno

Contemplative Stone Incense Burner Created by artist Launa MB Karasuno

How happy is the little stone

That rambles in the road alone

And doesn’t care about careers,

And exigencies never fears;

Whose coat of elemental brown

A passing universe put on;

And independent as the sun,

Associates or goes alone,

fulfilling absolute decree

In casual simplicity.

–  Emily Dickinson

4 responses to “Lessons from a Stone

  1. Hey! That’s my stone! (ok, stone-shaped incense box) AND one of my favorite poets – nice combination!

    • Yes my oh-talented-one. You gave them both to me. The verse is hanging on my wall.

      Did you notice in the photo how there is an aura around the stone? He is fulfilling his absolute decree.

  2. I see the aura.. I didn’t realize you could capture that on film, but I guess light is light, right? Hm. I didn’t know I gave you that poem but good choice!

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