Running Towards a Blessing

puddle of water surrounding mosque as sun beats down eva the dragon 2013

“If you are granted a blessing from God, hurry towards it with thankfulness before it disappears.”

   –  Hind Bint Al Muhallab from Basra, 9th century, female Sufi.

From The Book of  Sufi Woman by Abu Abd Al-Rahman as Sulami in 1084AD.

This is the first known book about Sufi Woman.  It contains notes about eighty-four women and “provides a picture of independent, female spirituality in Islam that calls into question many long-held myths about the status of women in the Muslim world.”  The lost manuscript turned up in a Riyadh, Saudi Arabia library in 1991.  Rkia E. Cornell translated this work from Arabic into English in 1999.

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