Earth Blue Marble by NASA Globe East 2048

Thank you, Mother Earth for allowing me to be the pesky fly tickling your skin.

Thank you for the seas.

Thank you for the rivers.

Thank you for the mountains.

Thank you for the grasses.

Thank you for the air.

Forgive my greed, my waste, my pillage, my wars, and my unconsciousness as my tiny soul evolves.

Thank you for continuing to hold me while I, my family, relatives, ancestors and friends, dump our waste into your oceans, drink from your streams, breath your air, eat your creatures, dig into your flesh  and destroy your beautiful creations – the deserts, forests, plains and mountains.

And after my short life is finished,

Thank You for caring for my descendents,


Please Forgive me if they repeat my mistakes.

Thank You our Mother Earth.



    • It was a pesky fly that kept walking on me as I tried to meditate. Do I swish it away or stay focused on my inward journey? As it is said the earth too is a spiritual being on a journey, as I swish the fly away, I realize how patient she is. And how little earthquakes rumble and volcanoes spew angry lava despite what we do.

      I try to practice her patience with my children and I fail.

      Back I go to try again.
      Aum shanti shanti shanti

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