Lakshmi’s Red Lotus and Biomimicry


Lakshmi is the vigorous, extremely beautiful, fertile feminine power that imbues the expanding Universe.

“I am inherent in existence,
I am the inciter, the potential that takes shape.
I manifest myself; I occupy myself with activity,
And finally I dissolve myself.”
– From the Lakshmi Tantra

Lakshmi’s devotees picture her arising from a Lotus flower.  The Lotus arises from the muddy river, spotless. Its purity has intrigued yogis for millennium and has become the representation of the yogis’ ultimate goal – liberation from the muddy rivers of Life.

Janine Benyus, an American science writer asked, “How does this Asian symbol of purity come out of the mud, dry and pristine?”

Lotus leaves have a rough, nano structure. The leaves resemble mountain ranges, waxy bumps a certain distance apart. Water literally rolls over the mountain tops, picks up debris and rolls off, cleaning the leaf. Modern scientists have discovered this innate wisdom, calling it the Lotus Effect. Cement and clothing manufacturers are mimicking The Lotus Effect to create products that self-clean using rain water. No polluting detergents needed.

This is bio-mimicry, the practice of looking at Nature’s millions of creative solutions to millions of life-sustaining problems. Benyus at the forefront of the biomimicry science.  She introduces architects, IT people, engineers and business leaders to Nature to investigate how She Who Creates has solved the problems they encounter.

This is the magic trick… Life creates conditions conducive to Life. It builds soil; it cleans air; it cleans water; it mixes the cocktail of gases that you and I need to live. And it does that in the middle of having great foreplay…

– Janine Benyus, Author Biomimicry: Innovation Inspired by Nature.

Scientists have studied Nature for hundreds of years. However, for Lakshmi to reveal her 3.8 billion-year-old laboratory’s deepest secrets, the time had to be right. Technology has evolved to the point where scientists can finally observe her solutions to creating and sustaining Life.  The question is – have we evolved enough to use it?

We live in a competent Universe. – Janine Benyus



“Seeing Nature as Teacher is VERY different than seeing Nature as a warehouse.”  Check out the case studies on her website.

Janine Benyus 2005 and 2010 TedTalks are inspirational on many levels. If your children are wondering how science might be an interesting career, then I suggest you take the time to listen to Benyus.



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