Quantity or Quality?

@cosmicgrape on instagram

My @CosmicGrape Instagram does not impress my teenage sons.

They have hundreds of Instagram followers.  I have ten.  I try not to let that bother me.  They are a different generation.  I cannot compare myself to them.

On the other hand, my husband who posted absolutely zero photos, has 25 more Instagram followers than I do.  If success in social media is about collecting hundreds of LIKES and followers, then I suck.


@YogaMike with new friends at Equinox Dallas

My friend from Dallas sent me this photo of her, her friend, and YogaMike.

YogaMike and I are both Vinyasa Krama Yoga students.  I found him on Instagram and followed him because I appreciated his mixture of humor and good instruction.  I suggested to my girlfriend in Dallas that she check him out at the Equinox Studio.  Her friend who is a member at the club invited her as his guest to the yoga class.  Then suddenly the three of them are practicing yoga together and sending me a photo.

If social media is about putting yourself out there and connecting with people to create relationships that encircle the planet, then, in a cosmic way, I am successful.

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