A Story About My BFF

change a girls life

Girls Rising demonstrated how educating a girl not only empowers her, but her schooling reverberates outward affecting her family and the whole community.  The film highlighted seven girls from outside the USA.

We forget that even American girls, girls in our own backyard, need help and encouragement.

For years, my BFF (Best Friend Forever) Jenny told me stories about a lovely – not lovely – a GORGEOUS, young woman named Laura.  Looking at Laura you would never imagine that behind her brilliant smile was a girl who had faced some obstacles.  Even though she had a family, things were not picket-fence perfect.

Since Laura was a teenager, Jenny acted as her coach, seeing something in her that others missed because they were dazzled by her beauty.  Jenny provided guidance and financial support as if she was Laura’s second mother.  She rarely mentioned what she did, only how proud Laura made her.

Like so many, both moved west to California, the land of dreams, to seek a new life.  Together, yet separately, they have continued to grow.  And now …

A beautiful  story about how women helping each other creates a positive reverberation.

team alana filming dogs

After Jenny helped her attend school, Laura built a business out of her passion.  The dogs are barking with appreciation.   New owners and their adopted pets are happily co-existing.  Director Alana Goldstein and writer Negin Singh, inspired by Jenny and Laura’s story, created a film that highlighted their relationship.  The film is one of the three finalists in Always Give A Girl A Break.  Who knows what new doors will open for the Team Alana women.

It was all because my beautiful friend made the time for a young woman who was lost and needed help.

give a girl a break ad


Always created an opportunity for young female filmmakers to tell inspiration stories.  The future is in women like them and how they perceive life’s creative avenues.

Three finalists are vying for Most Inspirational, Most Surprising, and Most Artistic.  Watch their creations and vote by July 2nd.

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