Meditation Secrets for Women 2013

Meditation Secrets for Women by Camille Maurine and Lorin Roche, PhD

Author, teacher and yogini Camille Maureen’s annual, online course, Meditation Secrets for Women will begin February 10, 2013.

Camille Maureen spoke at the Divine Feminine Yoga teleseminar last year.  I thought she was terrific.

Meditation techniques have been handed down for centuries.  Traditionally, the practitioners, or gurus, were male ascetics whose students left their families and took on a lifetime practice.  The teachings are no longer secret and have been written down and spread through the world.  Still, meditation practices generally reflect a male practitioner’s perspective.

camille Maurine 2011

A creator of Kinesthetic-dance yoga, and a student of TM, Zen Buddhism, and Tibetan Buddhism, Camille brings four decades of knowledge and transforms her experience into something relevant for 21st century women.

“Meditation gives us a sanctuary to tame the nervous system and all that is moving inside of us….

“It is really extremely important for us to allow the time for a healthy meditation practice.  It is an integrating process to allow these energies to come into balance….You can create a nourishing, healthy, vibrate atmosphere that is, literally, something we are bathing ourselves in during our meditation.”

The course is a year-long, guided exploration into meditation and our inner world.  It is a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for a woman’s heart.

All the information you need is on Camille’s website.  I hope it will inspire you.

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